{December 2008. The street our hostel was on. Love the street lamps in CPH. Another lovely photo by Hanying.}

Everyone is talking about Hopenhagen these days. Seemingly, climate change is the latest IT phrase and the UN Climate Change Conference is the hottest party of the year, where saving the world (literally) is concerned.

The word play on ‘hope’ and ‘Copenhagen’ is surprisingly not as cheesy as I thought it’ll be.

And it disturbs me a little that when I read the word, I don’t think so much of hope but more of hop(s) – as in that which beer is made of.

Then I think about the Carlsberg Museum in the city, the $0.50 bottles of perfectly drinkable Pilsner sold at NETTO and the drunken, golden-haired boys and girls who roam the bike-lanes-lined streets on Saturday night.

So yes, that part about the hops, is very apt.


On more serious stuffs, take about approximately 13.5 seconds to sign the petition on the Hopenhagen website. I figured that if we’re too lazy/self-absorbed to do some tangible good for the environment, filling up our personal details in tiny rounded boxes will have to suffice.

There’s also a blog for all of the compulsive blogs surfers out there. You know who you are.


This is completely unrelated to C(H)openhagen, climate change, beer or street lamps.

I watched Pink, one of the screenings for the German Film Festival tonight.

There is just one takeaway from this film:

Love = Systematic Procedure + Cold Logic

Wise words for the android who is looking for love.


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