Einmal ist keinmal.

– German expression, used in The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera

Translate: If something only happen once, it might as well not have happened, because it is so insignificant.


A little while ago, I was binge-reading Kundera because I happened to chance upon a whole stack of his books in the library. And I kind of OD-ed on them.

He writes beautifully, but after some time, his works start to look very alike. They always deal with more or less the same themes: the communist regime, repressed intellectualism, love, loss, infidelity, memories, the inescapable human conditions.

In general, the world that Kundera conjures up with his words is a dark, wintry, melancholic one.

He is still one of my favourite writers, but sometimes, we need to be more hopeful than his books inadvertantly encourage us to be.

I guess this is where the fluffy, happily-ever-after chick lit comes in.


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