Over the last weekend, I went on a team-building trip to Phuket with my colleagues. It was surprisingly fun! We were zooming around in tuk tuks, climbing up and sliding down the impossibly steep roads.

I really need to be more diligent with the camera. But before I get there, my more snap-happy friends are kind enough to tag me on Facebook!

Some of these pictures are mine, but most of them have been shamelessly ripped from MH 😀


[Taken by the HTC Innovation. I think the quality is grainy in a nice way :)]

[I love the beach! Gorgeous sand.]




[Off-the-tourist-trail, roadside eatery which serves yummy, authentic Thai food. We paid less than $20 for more than we can eat.]


P.S. I’m addicted to the Byford tank tops. I packed 3 for the trip and basically just slop around in them for much of the time. They’re ultra-comfortable and go with everything. I really have to tear myself away from them before I start wearing them to work too…


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