Sometimes, the universe conspires to make us want something.

Such desires hit us hard and fast. This is the leading cause for irrational, impulse purchases. But you just can’t say no – resistance is futile.

These Zumreed headphones are one of those things!


On the plane back from Phuket, I noticed that one of my colleagues had on a pair of headphones instead of the ubiquitous, tiny earphones (nowadays, more often than not, in Apple white) that disappear almost entirely into our ears.

It brought back fond memories of my childhood days in the late ’80s, where my disco queen aunt will allow me to put on her headphones and plug in to her Walkman. I remembered they hurt my head a little, but I always endured 🙂

When I got back to Singapore, I sat down to finish all the feeds on my Google Reader, and found this on The Sartorialist:

That’s when I started having a serious headphones lust. They’re beyond cute! 😀 Typical of people with clinical shopaholism, I am convinced that I need them. Desperately.

Because Google is the new god, I found out exactly where to get them in a jiffy. They’re stocked at HMV or you can get them in a spree over here.

Now, let’s do a little poll. Should I get them in white (as above), pink or blue?



I suck at choosing colours. I always end up wanting to buy all of them anyway.

P.S. I’m leaning towards the blue though 🙂


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