H works in state security. Often, we’ll (half) jokingly ask about his work, but he’ll tell us that he simply reads the newspaper everyday.

No glamour, no intrigue, no James Bond 🙂

Recently, I watched Das Wunder von Berlin with him. In one scene, a Stasi (GDR secret police) officer was able to get a table at an over-booked restaurant just by flashing his pass.

I asked him, “Since you’re a Stasi as well, will you be able to do that too? :)”

He just laughed.

Earlier today:

(On Being a Stasi) [via SMS]

H: Hello! Do you happen to be working late today?

Me: Yes, I am. OMG, how do you know that? Spooky.

H: I’m with the Stasi, remember?

I do not work late often and I’d not told anyone that I’ll be doing so tonight.

The Stasi can read minds!

Mind-reading is the future of surveillance. The new and improved panopticon.

Haha. On Mondays, I think too much, almost on purpose. For self-entertainment 🙂


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