(On easier dating)

Me: Men always like to tell me about their sexual needs, as if I’m supposed to understand. Just because I’m a boy-girl.

N: Hey, women have needs too ok?

Me: Yes, but we are a lot more quiet and private about them.

N: That’s just acting coy. And if it isn’t for all this appropriate-ness, dating will be a lot easier!

Me: Not easier. Just more primitive.

N: Primitive = simpler = easier. Right?

Me: No. Primitive = regression = wasting the time we spent evolving.

N: Why must you always be so argumentative? Besides, it’s not like evolution got us very far.

Me: I knew it. Men hate girls like me. They prefer girls who are quiet and don’t contradict them. Ever.

N: Not all. Just some.

Me: Trust me, it’s bad enough!

So tragic. I’m keeping quiet from now on!

Or not. Haha!


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