Das Wunder von Berlin

Time flies and its 20 years since the Berlin Wall fell. For all contemporary history buffs, the Wall (standing or falling) is a big deal.

To celebrate this, Goethe Institute Singapore (check out their website often; lots of great stuff there) organised Berlin Dayz, a series of cultural activities to commemorate the event, which includes photography, film, dance, music and design.

Film is my chosen poison, so I went for a screening of The Miracle of Berlin (Das Wunder von Berlin) over the weekend.


I can’t get enough of Berlin Wall films (think: Goodbye Lenin). I think its the euphoria I know I’ll find at the end of each one – people dancing on the wall, drinking champagne from the bottle, singing songs, arm-in-arm, wearing distinctly ’80s clothes.

I love the idea of hugging random strangers in the name of love, solidarity and all those other ideological convictions that went away with the last century.

This century seems a little dispassionate. Cold and kind of sterile.

And I think we need a little euphoria, once in a while.


If you like the Germans and you like watching films, the The 13th German Film Festival 2009 will be happening from 11 – 22 November. A rather good selection this year, so it’s worth your while to scroll through the synopses.


The Mauer Mob Project will bring 33,000 people together to ‘recreate’ the Berlin Wall on 9 November 2009.

I think its pretty cool and I wish I can be there. Being 20 years late is still better than never.

It seems there’ll be a lot of festivities going on in Berlin this weekend. Lucky you if you happen to be in town.


I love Berlin when I was there a few years ago. It is so alive and teeming with ghosts of the past and a hunger for the now.

I remember the best Kabab I’d ever eaten, the Pergamon Museum and the skinheads with their huge dogs, drinking endless bottles of beer at the train stations.

The skinheads, or their dogs, should have scared me. But they didn’t.

I should go back 🙂


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