Change of Guards

On Sunday, I was with Lucka at the Istana, to view the change of guards ceremony. I watched it once before and thought its very entertaining.

Small nations love grand gestures like this. They make us feel bigger and more important.

And I have a thing for men in smart uniforms, with short, neat haircuts 🙂 Its very typical, I know.

Hanying was there too. He takes the best pictures of me, for some mysterious reason. I always love them! When we were in Europe last year, almost every picture turned out great.

I’d already made him an offer to be my official photographer. He say he’ll do it for free! Good guy 😀

My hair looks soft and bouncy here! *laugh*

We did a lot of senseless cam-whoring, but no photographs of the actual ceremony. I decided it is really much too tourist-y. Besides, if I change my mind, I can always go back next month and take a video.

Also, the dying light of the setting sun is really pretty. Just don’t stand in it – you will risk melting. I almost did.

Oh yes, they did the guns-twirling routine to Billie Jean. It was amusing. I just wonder when all this MJ is going to start sounding really dated. From the looks of things, not any time soon.


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