Lucka, my Czech friend from the Copenhagen days/nights is in town (finally!).

My Skype credits just expired today. I decided to let it go because 1) I have nobody to call and 2) it’s only a couple of Euros worth anyway.

I realized Lucka is using her Hong Kong number (she’s currently based there) and each time I SMS/call her, it’s on IDD.

That couple Euros worth of Skype credits would have come in really handy.

And this is how Life screws with you in tiny, really annoying ways.


I really wish the guys are coming too. I’d been waiting for them for years!

In that time, I’d been to Prague three times to see them (not that I’m complaining). Maybe they are sick of seeing me (but that cannot be! haha).

And I miss them. But i’d not written them for months and months.

What the hell is wrong with me?

Mostly, I’m just pre-occupied.

That’s all.


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