Lykke Li + Kings of Convenience

Lykke Li has a song in the New Moon soundtrack. Haunting and lovely as usual. I wonder what it is about Norther Europeans that they should have such voices. Maybe it is in the water.

Unfortunately, there is no music video just yet.

Late last year, I went for her concert in Copenhagen. I think I shared this video before on the old blog; no harm pasting it here again 🙂 Ah, good old Carlsberg (“Welcome, my friend!”) in plastic cups = love.

Speaking of Scandinavian singers, everyone’s getting really exciting about the resurfacing of Kings of Convenience and their brand new album, Declaration of Dependence. After listening to Boat Behind, I’m already half a convert.

The video looks like it is set on a dusty, late summer road trip circa 1972. The hairstyles on the boys are priceless.

I particularly like the parts with the violin.


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