I started reading Leleohead just now – I’d known about her blog for some time, but have never really gotten around to scrolling through it properly until now.

And I enjoy her words, a lot. There’s a warm honesty about them that keeps you reading. She also writes in a nonchalant, matter-of-fact manner which I’d learned, over the years, to identify with talented writers. Plus, she has humour and wit, attributes I admire greatly.

Often, I lament dramatically (or with a poker face, for dramatic effect) about how our country doesn’t have a soul; nothing is sacred with us and we are fast turning into human-like androids. Mostly, I’m angsty about how we lack an intelligentsia in general, and writers in particular.

Then I come across someone who writes like this and I am relieved. We do have writers! I feel that saved us, somehow.

You should read Carrick too. I’m such a huge fan.

Off-the-tangent side note: My relationship with shoes has reached a binge-dating stage. I’m a shoes serial dater. It should be depressing (because its bordering on becoming a sick habit), but I’ll be lying if I tell you I’m not deliriously happy with my new buys.


3 thoughts on “Leleohead

  1. my goodness, your post made me blush more than i would even if Gu Jun Pyo was standing in front of me in a pair of spongebob boxers. Thanks!!! I am a big fan of your personal blog too! Particularly smittened with that post you did on
    ‘500 days”. it was epic, the way you talked about love and cliches

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