Lomo LC-A (Refurbished)


[Photo: Lomography.com]

I have been thinking about getting a Lomo LC-A for a while now. I like its Russian name better – Lomo Kompakt Automat. There’s a nice ring to it.

I resisted buying it online because I keep day-dreaming about finding it in a quaint second-hand camera shop in Prague. Ideally, it should be lying forgotten in a dusty glass cabinet, together with other wonderful curiosities. This has to be my favourite camera fantasy of all time.

Then I found out that the Lomo LC-A was discontinued back in 2005. This prompted the guys at Lomography to start a refurbishment project – they scoured the globe for the remaining stock of Lomo LC-A, then restore them with the help of Russian camera engineers.

Its a great thing to do of course, restoring something well-loved that has died out.

But I can’t help feeling that this has significantly reduced the likelihood that I’ll find one by chance in an obscure little shop.

Leaving things to chance is half the fun of this pursuit.


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