500 Days of Summer

I watched 500 Days of Summer last Friday night, but didnt really got a chance to think about it until now – 5 minutes to spare after dinner, before I rush off for an event.

I was wondering, what exactly is the message of this film? Its not a typical chick flick/romantic comedy. There is no happy ending! I’m sure I’m supposed to come up with something more profound, but all I can think of is this:

It is fun to shout the word ‘penis’ (at the top of your voice) in the middle of a crowded park, filled with children and old people.

I suspect I may be missing the point entirely 🙂


Tom worked in a greeting card company.

I never thought about the people who wrote those ultra cheesy cards at Hallmark.

Then it occured to me that cliches have to be created. And then perpetuated. Repeatedly.

Love is the most successfully perpetuated cliche. It sells, like sex, only with a better reputation.


This movie was particularly quote-worthy. I was busy tweeting these quotes while I was in the cinema.

My favourite:

You’re ridiculous. Your favourite Beatle is Ringo.


4 thoughts on “500 Days of Summer

  1. When I was still a student (and this immediately vindicates me of all youthful foolishness), my friends and I used to sit at Starbucks and say “scrotum”. We would go round the table and each person has to say it louder than the last.

    Like I said, youthful foolishness. And that, too, is a cliche…because God knows we can still be pretty silly now.

  2. Hi Guys 🙂

    Iconoclastic: My god, you and your friends are hilarious! And yes, I think I’m still pretty silly (quite often), so youthful foolishness is a myth.

    Bere Tarde o temprano: Wait for it – its kind of worth it 😀

    ray: Yes, I agree. Funniest card in the whole show! The look on his boss’ face = priceless.

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