Sheer + Dots

I desperately need these sheer, black dotted tights. I feel incomplete without them! 😦 I’m not sure if I love them yet, but the lust is pretty intense. Reason enough to hunt them down relentlessly.


[Photo: here]

These on Tabio are sold out in black. Besides, it is just too expensive to ship it over. [These with the little hearts are fabulous too!]

If you can tell me where I can get them here in Singapore, I’ll be eternally grateful. I mean it.

Oh, and remind me to get a pair of those very rad sequined gloves for my trip later this year.


5 thoughts on “Sheer + Dots

  1. Hi Dottie,

    Leona Edmiston (Aust) carries something similar – can you get her stockings in SG? They are about $25-30 AUD i think.

    Have you tried some of the stalls in Bugis?

    Hope this helps and good luck!

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