[Photo: here)

And did I mention, that we’re going to see Green Day?!

I’m so psyched – CANNOT WAIT! 14 January 2010 appears intolerably distant.

Rumour has it that there will be beer – in plastic cups. And we all know those are the best kind.

[On Jumping Up and Down] (via SMS)

Me: Eh, do you want to go for the Green Day concert? They’re coming!!!

M: Erm. When? How much?

Me: $128 for free standing. We’re taking that because we want to jump up and down! Quickly. The tickets are running out (confession: this is not true; purely for purpose of expediting matters).

M: Okok, I’ll take 2!

Summer has come and passed,
The innocence can never last,
Wake me up when September ends.

I loved this so much, back in 2005 🙂


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