Someone asked about my Honours Thesis. The usual about what I wrote about and why.

These are very general, answerable questions.

What I could not answer are the specifics: which theoretical framework, what is the conclusion?

Because I simply could not remember.

This is not a tragedy for me now, but that girl who worked through countless nights on those pages will be so disappointed!

This was really important, once.


Last night, I met one of Angeline’s colleagues, a witty middle-aged man who thinks us amusing. He said that he’ll never want to be 25 again – it’s such a difficult age.

He thinks I look like one of his 17 year old students. Every time I speak like a 25 year old, he will exclaim about how weird it is.

I’m not sure if I should be happy about being mistaken for a teenager. People don’t take you seriously when they think you are too young to have a beer.

But I think youthfulness is always good 🙂 Looking on the bright side!


It seems that my hair is often begging to be patted or ruffled.

Because that’s what people do, with increasing frequency!

I’m still always a little surprised when people do that.


Talk of Prague makes me happy.

It’s an irrational love, which is the kind we give to people, places and things we don’t know well enough.

Knowledge may be the root of our frustrations. But I’m just saying it; can’t quite find it in myself to actually believe it.


Yesterday, I got into a small accident involving car wheels and my feet.

I just feel glad that my toes are still intact and unsquashed. My ultimate nightmare: no toes = no shoes!

Lucky me 🙂

Oh, and I have an excuse to buy new shoes. They’re cute. There are cats and dogs on them.


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