I was at Tangs for an event on Friday. I’ll probably write more about it on the other blog soon.

I brought Angeline along with me since we were going out together later that night.

There was a roving photographer who took our picture. They were printed out immediately and given to us as mementos. I thought it was a nice touch 🙂

The photo is a little over-exposed because I still haven’t gotten myself a scanner, which means I have to take a picture of the photograph with my digital camera. Sometimes this works fine, sometimes it doesn’t.

I still think its a nice picture though 🙂

Also, the vodka-mango ice-cream and tiny fruit cakes were delicious. You would think that we were the only one actually eating, but we spied a few of the models stuffing themselves with creamy stuff.

Myth busted: Models (who look too perfect to be real) eat like us too.


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