Bunny Days

Today, a colleague brought his brand new DSLR to office (a bargain at $699) and took a few test shots of us.

I really like the colors and clarity of the photos. The images are sharp but not harsh. Maybe I should get one of these too – they seem like very worthy investments.

I had to crop the photo because the background was of my very messy office – not the most glamourous backdrop!

It will also have to be one of those days where I look like a goofy bunny.

Tweet: Some days, I look more like a small rodent than on others. I knew I should have gotten braces when I was 15!


6 thoughts on “Bunny Days

  1. I think he got it during a promotion at Harvey Normans 🙂 There were only two left I think!

    Its a Sony, but I’m not sure exactly which model it is.

  2. then go get braces! cos they are all so worth it! and you can also blog about your experience too.. and it’s purpose to the aesthetic (beauty) and functional world (improves your bite and oral hygiene)… and I saw you today on the train.. you were buried in your style mag…

  3. Haha, yah, I’d been going back and forth on the braces for years. Now I just feel a little too old for it! 🙂

    So, we take the same train! I have to read on the train because I don’t really have time to read anywhere else 😛

  4. i’m ~ahem~ already over 30 and just made braces this Aug. I love my braces. they are like tiny diamonds on my teeth! you are never too old! imagine you have a good 60 years ahead.. to show off your teeth in photos. I was quite surprised to see you in the same carriage as me, as you commented yest in FN that you feel awkward w ppl saying hi to you…
    actually, you are a ‘mini-famous’, cos strangers know you… and I think reading the mag does wonders too… helps with camoflage! 😛

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