I caught The September Issue on Saturday. I’d been waiting to watch it for months, so I was pretty excited to see Anna Wintour’s larger-than-life face on screen.

Its a fascinating peek into the whirlwind business of making a fashion magazine. Actually, Vogue (America) is not just a fashion magazine, its more of like the fashion magazine.

It must be awesome to be Anna Wintour – the incredible amount of influence she wields in this seemingly flimsy, almost-make believe world.

There was a particularly memorable scene.

Stefano Pilati was doing a pre-show presentation of his latest collection for YSL to Anna. She made a remark, about how there’s not a lot of colour. She was obviously not impressed, but it was, for the most part, just a comment.

Yet,  Pilati immediately became visibly nervous. He started explaining why there wasn’t more colours when it really wasn’t necessary – he just didn’t feel like doing colours.

As a last ditch attempt to prove that its not all black (note: there is nothing wrong with black!), he pulls out an exquisite jacket which he insisted is green. Its a really dark green; it looks almost black to me.

And I wanted to scream, that whatever colour that jacket is, it should be enough!

Its beautiful, okay?

Then I feel strangely anguished, about how the longer we do this, the more we must learn that things are rarely enough.


One thought on “YSL

  1. I thought the September Issue was a great peak into the world of high-fashion publishing (specific to Vogue). Throughout the movie though, I couldn’t help but question the validity of the portrayal of Grace, Anna, and Andre. Their interactions and dialogue sometime seemed almost too much of the same old caricature that they always get type-casted in, and I often was left wanting more at the end of each scene.

    As mouth-watering as it was to see how things operate at Vogue, I kept reminding myself that the September Issue is a documentary and there is always a personal view or story behind the lens.

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