First Class

I was going through my photos in yet another attempt to sieve out the ones I will like to develop. I think this will have to be the 47th time that I’m doing this…

Then I came across this picture, which has a funny little story behind it.

We were rushing to board the train from Vienna to Salzburg, which wasn’t exactly easy with all the luggage we had with us.

Jumping into the first carriage that looks reasonably empty, we laid out our things out and made ourselves comfortable. We were thrilled by the amount of space we had – it seemed a little too generous, even by rail travel standards (relative to the inhuman conditions of air travel).

I brought out the travel guides and book I intend to read for the journey. Digging out a half-squashed cup of yoghurt (I adore European yoghurt; cheap and so good) from my bag, I started having breakfast.

A little while later, the conductor came along to check our tickets. He looked at our tickets, then raised his eyebrows.

Him: *very politely* Will you like to pay a surcharge to upgrade to First Class?

Us: Erm. No. Second class is fine.

Him: But this is first class.

Us: OH. Okay, we’ll move! *sheephish*

Packing our stuff again and moving down the aisle of a considerably more crowded Second Class carriage was not fun.

But, on hindsight, it does make for a nice travel memory 🙂


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